A Night of Fantastic Music with Black Market III

If you're a music lover looking for an unforgettable night of entertainment, you didn’t want to miss out on seeing Black Market III live at The Old Town Blues Club on 5/31/23. This talented, energetic, and unique band put on a show that left you wanting more and feeling the music with every fiber of your being. Their mix of blues and rock blended together created an awe-inspiring musical experience.

The evening started off with a buzz in the air as you could feel the excitement and anticipation.
Frontman Scottie Blinn commanded the stage, belting out Blues American Rock-inspired lyrics while wielding his guitar like a weapon. His talent was matched by the impressive vocals and bass playing of his wife Roxy Cloverdale along with the fierce drumming of Joe Hager, Nate Samuels on trumpet and Ed Croft on sax.
The band's chemistry was undeniable, and it was impossible not to be drawn in and swept away by their music.

As the night went on, the band continued to crank up the volume, and the crowd's excitement continued to grow. The band played their hearts out, and you could see the joy and passion they had for their music emanating from every note. They seamlessly switched between old blues classics, rock n roll and original songs. The performance included everything from gritty guitar solos to lively drumbeats, bass and horn breakdowns that had the audience chanting for an encore.

With each song, Black Market III showcased their unique sound, characterized by a raw, unbridled energy that speaks to the soul.  The band has a way of transporting you to another time and place, serving as a reminder of the power of music to bring people together in shared experiences of joy and passion.

In conclusion, seeing Black Market III live in concert was nothing short of an incredible experience. This band has an undeniable talent, energy, and uniqueness that sets them apart from the rest. Their blend of blues and rock creates a sound that is both timeless and fresh, leaving you feeling inspired and invigorated. If you're a music lover looking for an unforgettable experience, then you don't want to miss seeing Black Market III live in concert. This band is an absolute must-see for anyone who loves great music and a good time.

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