The Sammy Listoe Band at Bailys Old Town: An Unforgettable Country Music Experience

If you are a true lover of music, especially country, then The Sammy Listoe Band at Bailys Old Town was the place to be on Friday night 5.26.23!  I had the opportunity of being there, and I was simply blown away by their energy, stage presence, and the level of engagement they had with their audience.

As soon as the band members took to the stage, I knew it was going to be a fantastic night. The Sammy Listoe Band had a strong country vibe that was instantly recognizable. They had the perfect setlist, with some of their own original songs mixed in with rock n roll covers that had the audience singing along. The way they transitioned between songs was seamless, and it was evident that they had put a lot of effort into creating a setlist that would keep their audience entertained throughout the night.

What I found most impressive about this band was their high energy and ability to engage their audience. They were constantly interacting with the crowd, making jokes, and cracking smiles. It was refreshing to see a band that genuinely enjoyed what they were doing and wanted their audience to have a good time. There was never a dull moment.

The vocals of Sammy Listoe were exceptional, with his unique country sound.  His ability to command the stage with his voice was simply captivating. The band members were also incredibly talented; they brought it all together!

The crowd was very into the music, and there was a sense of community that was formed as they all came together to enjoy this fantastic band.  The atmosphere was electric!

In conclusion, The Sammy Listoe Band is a must-see for anyone who enjoys music. Their country vibe, high energy, and engaging stage presence created an unforgettable experience.  Their setlist was perfect, and their ability to transition between songs made the concert flow smoothly. I would highly recommend seeing this band, and I cannot wait to attend another one of their shows in the future. If you want to have a 100% enjoyable evening, make sure to catch The Sammy Listoe Band at their next live concert!

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  • What an amazing article Debbie. Thank you so much for putting Sammy and his band’s name out there! Hope to see you soon.


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